Thursday, April 26, 2018

If you're gonna write on Alfie Evans pls interact with the following:

1. Who decides what's best for a child, the parents, or the state, and why?
2. The State's history of removing children from lower class families.
3. Implicit bias in doctors towards lower classes.
4. Disability and worth of life.
5. Brain death speculation and historical definitions, and recovery stories.
6. Logical Fallacies of denying parental rights based on angry mobs, and why do lower classes form mobs?
7. Implicit bias of doctors on acute treatment wards.
8. Not allowing a sick toddler food for 22 hrs.
9. Should a hospital be allowed to say parents cannot move their child to another hospital at their own expense?
10. Is unkind for a toddler to make a helicopter ride, but kinder to kill him?
11. Evidence and ethics that the toddler is suffering beyond the point of his life worth living.
12. Ethical arguments for killing a child who is able to breath on his own.
13. If this were the Royal Baby, do you think the same would and should happen?