Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Learn some of the songs we'll be singing this Saturday at the RTU conference

Hi, we'll be singing some new songs that you might not know yet, so here's a chance to get familiar with them. Me and Shay are really looking forward to singing them with you.

Don't wait for our conference video to come online!

At each RTU conference we film and put the talks online for people to watch later. We're still gonna do that this year, BUT don't miss the conference thinking the videos will suffice. This year will be different to previous years in that we will be getting YOU to do some of the work. We'll have handouts for you to fill in, and breakout groups to discuss. So, its not so much a sit back and listen conference, as a get involved conference.

So if you were wondering if you should just save the train fare and watch the videos online, don't!!!!!!!! Come along. If you can't afford the train fare contact me and I'll see what I can do.

For those of you who absolutely can't make it, we will endeavour to get the videos online by Christmas. Hopefully you'll still be able to learn and apply the concepts discussed on the day.

The conference is Sat 4th Nov 2018 at LCM HQ in London. Bookings can be found here. And more information about RTU can be found here.