Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google desktop:

I've just installed google desktop on my computer, and set it up to do a little slideshow in the corner of my screen of all the photos on my hard-drive.
The cool thing about it is that you get to see photos you had completely forgotten about, like this one of me and Jayda.

Google desktop also has a scratch pad feature, which I use for jotting down sermons notes and ideas throughout the week.
The cool thing is that it can run on any computer that you have, so what ever you type on one computer will end up on another.

Oh, and you can also set it to notify you when blogs have been updated, like mine!
Peace D

New Online Bible Software:

For those of you interested in the studying the Bible with your computer, have just set up a new online program called "Next Bible", and it is quite a serious bit of kit.
It's an online NET bible (New English Version) with all the notes that it's famous for, plus a whole bunch of search tools, dictionaries, articles and sermon illustrations written on the passage you are browsing.
If you are familiar with then imagine having all of the files on that site integrated into an online bible software program, and then you've got the Next Bible learning environment (as it's called).

Check it out at

Spend some decent time checking it out because there is more than meets the eye at first glance.

Happy Bible studying!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hopefully I will soon be writing some info about Bibleworks software, Libronix and a whole bunch of books useful for New Testament exegesis.