Monday, April 09, 2018

Disability: Every day is an adventure

Pretty much each day I wake up wishing I hadn't. I don't feel like I can do anything, as if the rest of the day is mount Everest looming outside my tent.

Then the adventure starts. I have to get ready, and that involves praying and meditating on the scriptures. 

Then I set out, which means actually getting out of the bedroom, one foot in front of the other. Outside the bedroom are a whole bunch of obstacles, not just toys on the floor that my easily-dislocating knees dislike - but also a world of people with needs. Again, I have to pray for the strength to not be selfish, and instead to serve others. 

The day continues, like a mountain climb where you stop for a break occasionally and are either surprised by how far you've climbed, or discouraged that you've not got far at all. 

One lesson I keep trying to learn is that it doesn't matter so much how far I've climbed. What's more important is who have I been climbing for? If I'm climbing for myself, trying to overcome my disability, I've just been selfish, and will be discouraged when my climb doesn't go well. If on the other hand I'm climbing for my Heavenly Father, then I can rest each night knowing he is pleased with me, no matter how slow and short my climb is, or even if I fell, only to be caught by his carabina.

Help me Father to climb for you.