Thursday, August 18, 2016

Scott Sauls on Recovering the Lost Art of Encouragement

We're naturally good at criticising people, but not so good at encouraging one another. Hence this blog post by Scott Sauls is so helpful. Here's some highlights from it:
'The only people Jesus seemed to chastise were pious religious people who were quite sure of themselves' 
Scott then points out that such people demanded recognition and praise from others, and there's a difference between demanding and desiring recognition.
'Demanding recognition and praise is neither good nor healthy. 
Desiring it is both good and healthy.'
 Scott then explains the difference between critique and criticism:
'Critique is motivated by restoring and building up. Criticism aims to harm and shame. Critique, in the end, will leave a person feeling cared for and built up. Criticism will leave a person feeling belittled and beaten down.'
He finishes with:
'let’s not be known for what we’re against, but for loving as we have been loved.'