Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beyond Duct Tape: One of My Favourite Gospel-Centred Resources

This is a great resource by Tami Resch and Shari Thomas

This workbook was made for church planter's wives, but I think anyone can benefit from it.
It's full of tools to help us apply the gospel to our lives. 
Here's some of the ways I use this workbook:

1) I really enjoy going through this book with my wife. It helps us to know each other better and how to apply the gospel to each other's life.

2) My wife and I loosely use this for pre-marital counselling. We use a lot of the concepts from the book and show couples some of the incredibly useful diagrams.

3) I often refer to this when I'm counselling people. Sometimes I'll even give people homework to do from the workbook.

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