Monday, June 30, 2008

A former "revivalist" explains why people fall over at "revival" meetings

Way of the Master radio interviewed Mark Havel who used to do the type of stuff Todd Bentley does.

In the interview Mark Havel reveals that people will fall over "slain in the spirit", and feel like they have been temporally healed, due to hypnosis.

He explains that hypnosis is often understood, and can occur through long worship sessions, flashing lights, dancing around, crowd dynamics, and the belief that the person at the front can do something for them.

He also reveals that this type of thing happens all over the world in different religions, such as Hindu Kundalini. In short, he says that someone could pray for you in the name of Homer Simpson, and you would experience these things.

So how did Mark Havel realize that what he was doing was wrong? Through reading the bible.

Let's encourage our friends who are into this, to read the bible.

Hears the link for the mp3, Mark Havel's interview starts at 37:29 minutes into it.