Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How I Prepare a Sermon when I have plenty of time

The title of this post sounds so arrogant - who cares! But, its a question I get asked a lot, so I thought I'd post an Urban Ministry Program case study of me preparing and preaching a sermon from Genesis 4.

The first video starts off with exegesis and finding the main point and the FCF, to then preparing how to preach it. 

If you haven't done the UMP, don’t worry if some bits goes over your head, you might even want to skip some bits

The handout for the first video is here.

The second video is of me actually preaching this sermon ‘Sin is crouching at your door (Genesis 4)’ so you can see how it turned out.
And here is the mind map that I preached from.

later I'll post how I prepare a sermon when I only have 25 minutes!