Monday, March 24, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions about the Urban Ministry Program

How do I apply?
Please email Jaz for an application form at
The deadline for applications is Friday 4th April 2014. We cannot guarantee processing applications after this date, but would still like to hear from you if you have missed this.

If I apply am I committed to the course?
No, if you send in an application there are further steps in the process for you to get a place. Once we have offered you a place, you have the opportunity to confirm or decline in June 2014. We would suggest that if you are interested, you apply, you can always change your mind later.

Where are the Training centres?
We are currently setting up training centres in London, Leeds, and Brighton, where people can travel to one day a week. This year we had someone travel from Middlesbrough to London each week. We hope that each year we can set up more centres so that people don’t have to travel so far! If you do the course, you could become a future facilitator in your location in the future.

How will the UMP affect my schedule?
This depends if you are applying for the full or half schedule.

Full Schedule
·    One day a week training at your training centre during term-time.
·    Homework each week

Half Schedule
·   One evening/week, and one Saturday/month during term time at your training centre.
·   Homework each week

How much homework is there?

Full schedule
1) Individual homework: up to 30mins a week for reading (over your notes, and occasionally a short article, or a bible chapter in preparation for class).
Group homework: Students will also meet in Church groups (provided there is more than one student from your church doing the UMP) to do group homework. You will need 2hrs/week for this.
2) Assignments:
  • Taking someone through the Urban Catechism: 90min/week, for 13-17 weeks
  • Bible Teaching Assignment: Approx 4hrs/week for 7 weeks.
  • Mission Assignment roughly 3hrs/week for 5 weeks.

Half Schedule
1)Individual homework: up to 20mins a week for reading over notes, and occasionally a short article, or a bible chapter in preparation for class.
Group homework: Homework should take around 1hr/week on average.
  • Taking someone through the Urban Catechism: 90min/week, for 13-17 weeks
  • Year 2, the Bible Teaching Assignment: 20-30hours in total, spread across a minimum of 14 weeks (you won’t have any group homework during this time)
  • Year 2, Mission Assignment: approx. 1½ hrs/week spread over 10 weeks.

What if no-one else from my location is doing the course?
In some rare cases, we will arrange for you to do the group homework on your own (or a with a friend) and have a homework-buddy from another location contact you regularly so that you don’t feel totally on your own. Please email Jaz about this at

What is the format of lessons?
Lessons will be facilitated by experienced Urban Church planters. Facilitators will use videos, class discussion, group-work and detailed hand-outs to cater to a variety of learning styles. You will benefit from exposure to both Duncan’s teaching videos and the knowledge and experience of your facilitator.

Are there any church based activities I’ll need to be involved in?
You need to be serving in some capacity in your local church. The extent of that service will be decided between you and your church leadership.
We also suggest you work out with your leaders if you should be doing any further studying/discipleship with your church. For example at New Life Church full schedule students do the McCheyne reading plan and prepare bible book introductions each week for the rest of the group. We also study Christian counselling and have Christian book discussions. These things are not required for the UMP but you and your leaders may find them beneficial.

What will I be studying?
The first module is ‘Doctrine and Discipleship’, where you’ll go through all 3 parts of the Urban Catechism. The second module is ‘The Bible in the Urban Context’ where we cover Biblical Theology, Exegesis, and Teaching the Bible. The third module is ‘Urban Mission’ which focuses on the church’s mission in the urban context.
For more information on the topics you will be covering, please see your information pack’s 'modules' section. If you don't have an information pack, please ask Jaz for one ( We also provide a brief summary of the modules at

How much will the UMP cost?
The total course costs a £1200. You will be required to pay a deposit of £50 in July if you have decided you definitely want to do the course.
For half schedule students, that’s £600/year, which can be paid in termly instalments of £200.

If you have any more questions that aren’t covered here, please contact Jaz at