Thursday, November 01, 2012

Do we have diary lifestyles on estates? Yes!

Every now and then I hear Christian ministers say, 'People don't have diary lifestyles on estates.' But I wonder if this is true.
Growing up I went to school regularly, I went to birthday parties that had been arranged weeks in advance, and when we finally got a TV we had a TV guide, which we used to plan when we were gonna watch stuff.
Funerals and Weddings and Christenings were always well attended.
We went to the cinema at planned times, and clubs too.
I'm not sure that these things have changed too much today.
In fact with smart phones, people seem to use diaries every day.

Could it be that sometimes people don't wanna come to things we want invite them to, and then we say, "Well they don't have a diary lifestyle!"
Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding what middle class people mean when they say 'diary lifestyle'.