Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Council Estate Christians 25: Indigenous Preaching

In the 19th Century, David Livingstone went to Africa was an explorer missionary. He said this,
"When white men preach... Africans just think we are talking about our odd European ways and customs. But when their own people tell them about Jesus, they see the truth."
'Hero Tales' by Dave and Neta Jackson, p.59

The mission board didn't support Livingstone in raising up indigenous African teachers, so he had to do it himself.

It seems to me that today, there is a desperate need for indigenous council estate preaching in the UK (indigenous in the sense of born and raised on an estate). For me, I often hear British preaching and think, "he's just talking about his ways and customs." I long to hear more preaching from blokes on council estates about Jesus Christ, Lord of Council Estates, who speaks to our own culture.