Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My favourite Greek Study Bible

Okay, technically its not a Bible, just a New Testament. But its Greek, which is what I've been wanting for a long time.

The Expositor's Greek Testament was published (I think) between 1897 and 1910. With then intention "to do for the present generation the work accomplished by Dean Alford's in the past." W. Robertson Nicoll (gen ed.)

It contains 5 volumes spanning the entire New Testament. The Greek text at the top of the page, with cross references in the margin, and text critical notes beneath the Greek text. Underneath the text critical notes, are in depth notes on the text.

D. A Carson has this to say about these volumes:
"Though seriously dated, the five volumes of the old "Expositor's Greek New Testament" are still worth owning and reading, along with more recent works. Pick it up secondhand, as it is again out of print."
Carson. New Testament Commentary Survey. 2001, p.22

I love using it. For a long time I've wanted a study Bible where the notes were specific to the Greek text. The notes in this volume cover grammar, syntax, word studies, LXX similarities, and theology.

I've been reading through Hebrews with this, and God has used it to open my eyes wider to the great high priest we have in Christ.

I bought my copies through amazon, but you can also order them pre-pub in Logos at the moment. However, they are also available for free in pdf format at these links:
vol 1
vol 2
vol 3
vol 4
vol 5

One caveat: You may want to use a NA27 or UB4 alongside this, as the textual data does not include the papyri found since publication.