Friday, July 04, 2008

Video of Marjoe faking a revival and confessing to it

Marjoe Gortner was a remarkable preacher who pretended to be a Christian for years, leading revival meetings, supposedly "slaying people in the spirit", praying in tongues, and praising Jesus.

At the end of his career, he made a documentary showing his revivals,and revealing \ confessing how he tricked people.

This clip (that someone else has put together) shows
1)Marjoe telling his camera crew how they can pretend they are Christians.
2)How Marjoe faked being a Christian
3)Marjoe leading a revival
4)Marjoe explaining why he came clean

This next clip shows
1) how Marjoe was trained by his mother to work a crowd.
2) how Marjoe prayed for people to be "baptised in the Holy Spirit" and speak in tongues.
3) How Marjoe got money
4) How another preacher gets money off women

Q. Why were so many people fooled?
A. Surely it's because they did not test things with scripture. Instead they saw amazing things happen, and assumed that they were from God.