Monday, April 14, 2008

New Word Alive Highlight 2: Meeting William in a wheelchair

On the return journey from New Word Alive, a man in a wheel chair got on the train with his wife, about 3 stops after Phwelli.

He had an amazing smile the whole time, so much so that I wondered if he was a Christian.

It turned out that he too had been at New Word Alive, but staying at a hotel off site. Unfortunately on the last night there was a leak at the hotel, and they had to move to a hotel even further away from the conference site. This meant that they missed the final morning session by Don Carson.

Despite this, and despite having been in a wheelchair since the age of 9. William exhibited the joy of the Lord like no one I have met before.

I had heard Piper teaching in the week about glorifying God in suffering, but now I actually had the privilege of meeting someone who lives this out.

Meeting William was a real blessing, and I hope that I never forget his example.