Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Koine Greek lessons in London starting January 2008

It has been a desire of mine for a while to see more Christians in London equipped to do exegesis from the Greek Text of the New Testament.

As a result of this I've decided to start teaching 1st year Greek in January 2008 in London for anyone who's interested.

The course will be based on Mounce's Greek Grammar.

Student's will be expected to spend around half an hour a day (5 days a week) reading through a chapter of Mounce in a week, watching his videos and doing the workbook exercises.

I aim to teach a 2 hour lesson once a week.

At this rate, everyone should be able to complete 1st year Greek within 36 weeks, and then we can start having fun reading though a book of the New Testament in Greek, and learning Greek exegesis as we go.

If anyone is interested, then please email me as soon as possible.