Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Back in the Wheelchair & Feeling Derailed

After so much progress, 2 weeks ago I ended up back in the wheelchair. I'd made a lot of progress in my physical rehab but after a fall on the stairs (due to one of my joints slipping out of place) -I found myself back to square one. Its discouraging because it feels like a backwards step. Its upsetting, because I heard my son saying, 'I wish you didn't have a disability because then you could run and race me.' and then saw him going around people at church asking if they would play football with him. Its also scary because I remember what it was like almost 4 years ago, when my wife and I had to work through it with little help, and sadly a lot of opposition.
But I'm also reminded of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was in a bad situation years ago when his city was decimated. And then things looked better as a King decided to help him out. But then last minute Jeremiah got kidnapped and taken off to Egypt. It looked like his life plans were being derailed. But actually there was a good purpose in him going to Egypt. So, I find myself thinking of Jeremiah, and trusting that God actually has a good plan for this backward step.