Monday, July 03, 2017

Where have all the council estate Christians gone pt.7 Assimilation

Following on from the last post: Many of us have assimilated to middle class culture. We've lost our accents (I lost a lot of mine in boarding school). Some have lost their tracksuits and found chinos instead. Its so easy to do because Christianity is so middle class in this country.

The problem is that....

1) We lose our missionary power.
In 'An Introduction to the Science of Missionw' J. H. Bavinck talked about indigenous people who were trained by foreign missionaries, losing their culture and finding it hard to reach their fellow tribesmen.
Given that so many people on estates feel that Christianity is only for 'prim and proper' people, if local converts start to look prim and proper too, this only reinforces a major defeator to locals getting saved.

2) We Reinforce the blindspots of middle class Christianity.
We need a multitude of different cultures sitting at the table together, helping each other see our respective blindspots. If a majority culture in the church makes everyone fit their culture, the same blindspots will continue unchecked.