Sunday, January 01, 2017

The most popular blog post of 2016 was to do with grieving

In 2016 this blog's most read post was Prayers for the Grieving1: Close to the Broken-hearted

I'm so encouraged that this was a popular post because IMHO grieving is...

1. Grieving is a topic that us British Christians are not very good at.

2. Grieving is something we haven't written much about in comparison to how much the Bible talks about it, and how much we experience losses in this life.

3. Grieving is something many of us struggle to know how to do well.

4. Grieving is something many of us struggle to help others do well.

5. Grieving is something that in my experience, non-Christians on housing estates are better at talking about than Christians.

As we think back on 2016, I'm sure many of us have losses to grieve. I hope we can all talk to God and others about these things as we count the losses of living in a fallen world.

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