Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why you should consider applying for the Urban Ministry Program: Reason 1

1. If you want to make disciples who will make disciples in the urban context, the UMP will help you do this.
Many people have questioned me over the years about how to disciple people on estates. Often people admit to having big hearts, but little understanding of how to disciple people in the urban context. Sometimes people have tried using resources that were designed for a different context, and when its failed, they've concluded that the soil is too hard. Others realise that its not so much the soil, but the tools. Some realise its a bit of both ;)

On the UMP we will take you through a resource that was designed from the ground up for urban discipleship, 'The Urban Catechism.' Like other catechisms, this is a system of instructing someone in the faith. Unlike other catechism, this one includes application questions and prayer. Furthermore, the catechism maps out the spiritual journey of your average council estate Christian. So we're prepared for the questions and problems that tend to come up.

As a UMP student, you will firstly be taken through the catechism (and its more in-depth 'Teacher's Guide'), which will involve you dealing with the issues of your own heart and responding in confession, repentance and prayer.

Secondly, you will take someone else through the catechism, discipling them through the same process you have already been through. By God's grace that person will then go on to catechism someone else in their neighbourhood.

The end result is that you will feel equipped to make a disciple from scratch in the urban context.

DISCLAIMER: None of this works without the Holy Spirit.

For more information, please check out http://www.urbanministries.org.uk