Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Zondervan Reader's Greek New Testament 2nd edition review

It was my birthday recently and I was given Goodrich and Lukaszewski's 2nd edition of their Greek New Testament reader.

I already own the 1st edition, but don't use it as often as my UBS readers GNT because the font is not so easy to read, mainly because it is in italics, but also because the paper is very thin, causing a lot of bleed through.

So I was excited to get the 2nd edition, because it is advertised as being easier to read:
"New Greek font - easier to read"
But when I opened the box I was completely shocked!

I thought that I had received a faulty version. It looked like the printer was running out of ink when they made my copy. It looked like draft mode.
The font was incredibly thin and light.

But when I looked at the introduction (in English) and the Lexicon at the back, the print was in a much thicker and darker font - so I'm assuming that the printer was working okay, and that my copy is not faulty, but is how it is intended to be.

This makes me very disappointed, and unhappy.

I just can't understand how anyone ever let this product out.

I've tried reading it, and I have to strain my eyes to read the text, yet I had 20/20 vision at my last eye test.

I have compared it with the following texts:

Zondervan Reader's GNT 1st ed.
UBS reader's GNT
NET / Nestle Aland 27th Diglott
Pocket sized Nestle Aland 22nd ed.

All of these were far superior to the Zondervan reader's 2nd edition.
n my opinion, it is a terrible font.

I also noticed that the contrast between the Old Testament quotes (which are in bold), and the standard text, is so small, that it is hard to see when the Old Testament is being quoted. In the 1st edition however, this was very clear.

I cannot read it without eye strain, I'm going to return mine.

If you want the Zondervan GNT over the UBS, then make sure you get the 1st edition.