Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The NET Bible and its new binding

The history:

I got my first NET Bible between 1 and 2 years ago, and was really disappointed with the binding of it. The inside margins of the pages didn't sit flat, and instead had a sort of bubble effect going on.

I wrote to the NET Bible people thinking that I had a faulty copy, and was told that they were all like that.

The binding ended up actually putting me off using the NET Bible, and I tended to use the NET Bible in Bibleworks instead of the real thing!

Then a few weeks ago, after posting about the binding on the NET Bible, the NET people emailed me to say they now had new binding, and that they would send me a new copy for free.

So, I now have a brand new NET Bible with the new binding.

The verdict:

The binding is far superior to the old one. There is no bubble effect like before.
The leather doesn't feel quite as good as the previous one (in my opinion), but the difference is only small.

The main thing is that now the NET Bible has a decent binding, which in my opinion makes it one of the best study bibles around.