Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Learning Koine Greek vocab via CD

I've posted before about using Mounce's vocab CD.
Today I want to write something about Jonathan Pennington's vocab CD.
You can find it here:

It's different to the Mounce one.
The Mounce one is keyed to the Mounce Grammar book. This means you can use the Mounce CD to learn the vocab of each chapter in the book you are studying.
But Jonathan Pennington's CD is different because:
1) it is based on the number of times a word is used in the GNT.
2) It covers more vocab than Mounce.
3) It includes a small booklet, with the vocab listed, so that you can read along.

Both are very good, for my Greek class, this my recommendation:

- If you have the money, buy the Mounce CD now (buy the CD, not the download version, because then its not divided up into chapters). Then when you have finished your first year of Greek, buy Jonathan Pennington's CD.

- If you only want to buy one - then buy Jonathan Pennington, because it will last you into year 2 Greek.