Saturday, February 02, 2008

How to catch up on the Greek course

If some of you on the Greek course have fallen behind and are struggling to keep up, I would recommend trying the following:

Use the Mounce CD-rom:
a) Watch whichever chapter you are stuck on.
b) Then go through the vocab on that chapter on the CD-Rom
- listen to Mounce pronounce the words, as you try to learn them.
c) Then read through the chapter - perhaps doing this in 15 minute slots.
- highlight any paradigms that Mounce says you must memorise.
d) Spend time trying to memorise the highlighted bits.
- try writing out the paradigms from memory.
e) Use the Mounce software "parseworks" and "flashworks" to test yourself.
f) keep repeating the above steps until you feel ready to do the workbook exercises.
g) If you find you can't do the workbook exercises - rather than cheat, put the workbook away and go through the previous steps again.

Happy studying,