Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 12

Q31: Why is He called "Christ," that is, Anointed?
A31: Because He is ordained of God the Father and anointed with the Holy Ghost [1] to be our chief Prophet and Teacher,[2] who has fully revealed to us the secret counsel and will of God concerning our redemption;[3] and our only High Priest,[4] who by the one sacrifice of His body has redeemed us, and ever lives to make intercession for us with the Father;[5] and our eternal King, who governs us by His Word and Spirit, and defends and preserves us in the redemption obtained for us.[6]

Q32: But why are you called a Christian?
A32: Because by faith I am a member of Christ [1] and thus a partaker of His anointing,[2] in order that I also may confess His Name,[3] may present myself a living sacrifice of thankfulness to Him,[4] and with a free conscience may fight against sin and the devil in this life,[5] and hereafter in eternity reign with Him over all creatures.[6]

6. 2Ti 2:12; Eph 6:12; Rev 3:21

DF Questions:

a) Read Deu 18:15, Acts 3:22 In what way was Jesus a prophet?

b) Read Ps 110:4, Heb 7:21 In what way was Jesus a priest?

c) Read Ps 2:6, Luke 1:33, Mat 28:18, Rev 19:!6 In what way is Jesus a King?

d) Read 1 John 2:20, 1 John 2:27, Acts 2:17 In what ways do we partake of Jesus’ anointing?

e) Read Rom 12:1, Rev 5:8-10, 1 Pet 2:9 In what ways are we priests?

f) Read 2 Tim 2:12, Rev 3:21. How will we reign with Jesus?