Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Greek homework 01

Don't forget the Greek class starts this Friday! 8-10pm

Definate names on the list are:
Dayper, Jordan, Shane, Anne, Neil, James, Ben.
I'm still hoping to hear from a couple of others.

We will be covering the first 4 chapters of Mounce on Friday, so come prepared, having read Mounce up to page 21.

The best way to go through these pages is to:

1) Watch the corresponding video on the Mounce CD-Rom
2) Read the corresponding pages
3) Watch the Cd-Rom video again.
4) Read the corresponding pages again.
5) Attempt the corresponding exercises in the workbook.

You might find some of it confusing, you might even feel like you are not understanding what you are reading, but do your best, and on Friday we will do enough exercises for it to all make sense.

Happy studying