Saturday, January 12, 2008

Greek Class: Greek vocab tip

Well done everyone who was at the first Greek class this week, you all did very well.
When you do your homework this week, you'll notice that you have some vocab to learn. There are a number of different ways to learn vocab, but here's one tip that may suit you:

In your text book there are two columns, one for Greek, and one for English.

Use a piece of card (or a ruler) to cover up the English column.

Read the Greek work out loud, and then try to say out loud the English word whilst it is still covered up.

Check your answer by uncovering the English word.

If you get it wrong, then cover up the word again and try again.

When you get it right, move onto the next word.

Keep on repeating the process until you have been through the whole list about 15 times.

Then try again a bit later on in the day.

This was the way I learned a lot of Latin vocab back in the day, and it worked really well for me. It may work for you, it may not - everyone's different, but at least give it a try.