Thursday, November 29, 2007

Exegesis on a dual screen

Last week we had 2 computers die.
As a result I now have a spare screen (with no working computer to plug it into), and so I have plugged this into my laptop and am using it as a secondary monitor.

The benefits of this for exegesis are enormous.
I can now have my grammatical diagram of the text on one screen, whilst writing my notes / sermon on the other screen.

The difference between this and working on a single monitor screen are like night and day.

It is also especially helpful when I want to create the powerpoint from my sermon notes. Now I can have Word open on one screen, and powerpoint on the other. It saves a lot of time and brain power (which I usually don't have much of after doing exegesis!)

If you haven't tried dual screen exegesis, and you have an old monitor around somewhere - then do it now!