Friday, July 13, 2007

What's the best translation?

Someone recently emailed asking advice about which translation of the Bible to use?

I think the translation that you use should depend on your purposes.

For example, if you want to break the text up into phrases (as I have been showing on this blog), and if you do not know Greek, then probably the NASB is the best English translation for doing this.

If however you want to memorise scripture, then you might find that the NASB is a bit wooden for that as it does not flow so well.

Because of this, I recommend the ESV as being relatively 'word for word' and also having a good ring to it.

However, some might find it difficult to understand. In which case I would recommend the NET bible (which is definitely the most transparent translation, because they give you 60,000 translation notes), or the NIV.

For someone who finds any of those too difficult to read, then I would recommend the NLT, but would advise that it should be read, with a view to eventually progressing onto a more precise translation.

If you would like more information on translations, then check out something I wrote earlier in the blog:

Hope this is useful,