Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's God been saying to you lately?

These are words that hit me hard when I was a teenager and I heard a Christian ask someone else this whilst I was in the same room.
Like most teenagers, I was not living my life to glorify God, and if they had asked me what God had been saying to me, I would have had nothing to answer.
The question convicted me and made me realise what a sinner I was and how far i had strayed from God. It was a moment I will never forget.

Strangely, I have hardly ever been asked this question since, and over the last decade I have had people ask me more about how "the ministry" is going.
It seems that in people's minds "the ministry" is more important than the relationship we have with God.

I resolved a while ago to prioritise on asking people what God has been saying to them, before I ask how their ministry is going.

Obviously it is important to see how brothers and sisters are doing in the works of service God has prepared for them, but I think it is more important to discuss our relationship with God.

Let's talk about our Saviour, more than we talk about our work for the Saviour.